Harness the Sun's Power

Team up with the best minds, providers, and products in the Solar Power industry to get as much value from your Solar System as possible. Midstream Estate based Solar Engineers will facilitate the design, engineering, and installation of premium solar systems for residential and commercial application. 

Keep The Lights On Even When The Grid Is Down

Our skilled team will enable you to have the most cost effective and low maintenance energy efficient solar power system for your home, business or industrial application.

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa where access to mainstream electricity can be unreliable. With increasing electricity rates, load shedding and environmental awareness, installing a solar power system has become a responsible and affordable solution.

At Reviron, we strive to educate, evaluate and empower our clients to regain control of their electricity usage and reliability. Our ECSA registred Professional Engineers provide a customized solar solution to ensure a professional experience tailored to each clients energy needs. 

Solar power is a great investment that will pay for itself and will ensures a sustainable living environment for future generations.

Renewable Energy

Sustainable energy direct from the sun

Solar is a great energy efficiency upgrade – cutting energy costs whilst improving the environment. Whether you are looking to improve your home, business or industrial building, the benefits of solar are a good economic and environmental investment.

Guaranteed workmanship

Peace-of-mind, safety and reliability

We only install NRS 097-2 approved SSEG products that carries a manufacturers guarantee. We understand the inherent dangers of working with solar energy which leads us to do routine in-house tests on the products we promote, making sure that all standards are adhered to.

Engineer designed

Professional Engineers and Electricians

At Reviron we use professional, qualified people to design and install our residential and commercial solar systems. Knowing the standards and adhearing to it is what gives our clients the piece of mind that one would expect form a Solar system.

The bright and right alternative

benefit from lower electricity bills

A solar power system can pay for itself over three years provided the correct equipment is installed. Once the solar system pays for itself, you’ll be seeing money in your pocket year after year.

As a business owner you are entitled to claim the direct costs for the complete installation under s12B(3).

We partner with suppliers of the best


Guaranteed Solar Panels

Latest Technologies

We make sure we are up to date with the latest technologies to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your system.

Energy Saving from Day One

Once your system has been installed and commissioned you will start saving and paying off your system.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels require very little maintenance since there are no moving parts. Inspect them for dirt and simple wipe them clean.

Engineered and Certified

Our in house professional engineer will make sure all local standards are adhered to and certify the system upon completion.

Recent projects

Our projects range from residential solar installation to large scale industrial solar systems.

What can Reviron do for you?

Our products are specifically designed to upgrade your existing home to be more efficient and deliver a range of comfort benefits. We believe homes can be better. A better home is one that makes you feel better, that makes your life better. Not just a safe shelter, not only more comfortable, but also a place that makes you healthier, happier and perhaps even wealthier.

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25 Sunlight Peak Cres, Midstream Estate, Olifantsfontein, 1692

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